Wednesday, April 9, 2014

2014 Sullivan's Gulch Neighborhood Association Spring General Meeting Voting Results


To the Neighbors / Members of the Sullivan's Gulch Neighborhood Association:

Thank you!

Last night, at Grace Memorial Episcopal Church, at the 2014 Spring General Meeting, the neighbors / members of Sullivan's Gulch accepted the recommendations of the Board of Directors to modify the By_Laws by a greater than ⅔ majority vote.

In addition the following neighbors / members were re-elected to the Board of Directors:
  • Dr. Andrew Alvis
  • Ms.Melissa Cannon
  • Ms. Kari LaForge
Another neighbor / member, a former board member, was elected to serve again:

  • Mr. Dan Lerch-Walters

The Board of Directors welcomes these neighbors /members.

Thank you all again.

Sullivan's Gulch Neighborhood Association
Board Chair
Brittain Brewer

T 503 309 1675

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

SGNA Board Meeting Agenda :: Tuesday April 8, 2014 @7-8pm

Board Meeting Agenda
Publication Date: April 01, 2014
Meeting Day, Date & Time: Tuesday, April 08, 2014, 7:00PM-8:30 PM
1.     Welcome,  identification of SGNA Board of Directors and introductions of neighbors and visitors.
2.     Approval of  meeting's minutes from March.
3.     NECN Announcements/Notices
4.     An Introduction to the Evening's Reports and Events by the Board Chair with a review of the meeting procedures.
5.     Finance Committee / Treasurer 's Report- financial status, & developments since the Fall 2013 General Meeting.
6.     Communications Committee - A neighbor has stepped forward to consider chairing the Committee.
7.     Events Committee  - Coming events Spring Clean-up, Summer yard sale, Gulch-O-Rama & Special Fall Events.
8.     Land Use Transportation Committee (LUTC) - report of recent activities and an invitation to the 3rd Annual Land Use and Transportation Committee Charette on April 26th.
9.     Safety & Livability - A report on Committee formation efforts.
10.  Proposed Modifications to the By-Laws - a presentation and voting - (Click here for link to previous announcement and by-laws documentation)
10.A. Recommendations of the Office of Neighborhood Involvement and the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods - Modifications to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the neighbors/members as distinct from those of the Board of Directors  & modifications to replace existing grievance procedures with the grievance procedures of the Office of Neighborhood Involvement.
10.B. A recommendation by the SGNA Board of Directors to change our boundary definition to include the area from NE 33rd to Ne37th and from NE Broadway to I-84  as approved by and agreed with the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods.& in cooperation and partnership to share the area with the Grant Park Neighborhood Association.
11.  Nominations and Elections of Members / Neighbors to the Board of Directors
12.  Concluding Remarks

Monday, March 17, 2014

LUTC March Newsletter - Chock Full of New Developments

SGNA's Land Use and Transportation Committee has published a March Newsletter, which includes multiple updates of interest to neighbors tracking new development in our area.

Topics include:

  • Holladay Park Plaza construction - - a new addition at NE 17th x Clackamas for July 2014
  • Grant Park Village progress (NE Broadway near the intersection with NE 33rd)
  • Updates on road work at NE 24th x Broadway which will result in a new traffic light and improved pedestrian crossing
  • Invitation to upcoming charrette (Sat April 26)

Thanks to Committee Members: 
Carol Gossett, Chair 
Lauren Golden-Jones 
Andrew Alvis 
John Frewing 
Melissa Cannon
Martin Rowe

You can follow the link, or find this newsletter along with the Gulch Gazette's in this blog's "Neighborhood Newsletters" section (top of the right side column).