Saturday, December 17, 2011

What a Clean Sweep looks like

Looking North on NE 19th at Clackamas St.


  1. That's great for you. They towed 3 cars off 28th this year, costing their owners about $250 each. None of the cars had leaves or trees any where near them. One of the cars didn't have a no parking sign within 100 feet of it, but according to the Parking Patrol lady I pointed that out to, as she was preparing to call the tow truck, "that doesn't matter."

    I realize that many of you are in favor of this zero tolerance direction they've taken this year. What you need to understand is that the City can not be trusted to use common sense, and this "clean sweep" will inevitably cause your neighbors real hardship. A lot of people don't have $250 spare dollars in the week before Christmas.

    Also, despite what some of you more western folks might think, it is not "easy" for the people at the end of Clackamas and Wasco to move their cars, because the closet parking is on the other side of 20th, or the other side of Broadway, a minimum of six blocks.

    This is about leaves. If there are no leaves, how could you possibly be in favor of towing your neighbor's vehicle?

  2. Just wanted to follow up on this. I spoke with Newhouse-Hutchins Towing today, and they were responsible for 11 cars being towed from Sullivan's Gulch on Friday. They also were very clear that at least two other companies were also towing, because the volume was more than one company could handle.

    I think a very conservative estimate would put the number of cars towed around 30. This means that Dave Brook and the neighbourhood association is directly responsible for around $7500 leaving Sullivan's Gulch, and being transferred to private towing companies and the city. That's real money.

    How can you possibly justify your neighbours paying out that kind of cash? Your zeal for a clean sweep has sucked thousands of dollars out of the neighbourhood you claim to represent. It's an unmitigated disaster.

    Next year, I want you to think real hard about that money. By asking the city to tow, this is what you have wrought. The city will not exercise prudence, or common sense. If you ask them to, they will tow your neighbours car, even though 364 days, and 22 and half hours a year, its legal to park in front of your own house.

    Thanks a ton, guys.