Friday, April 20, 2012

It's not too late to share your vision for Sullivan's Gulch

More than 50 people showed up to the SGNA General Meeting and Visioning Charette last night.  Welcome and thanks to 3 new Board members that were unanimously elected to the SGNA Board during the short business meeting.  Many participants were reluctant to stop their discussions at 9 pm.

We will be synthesizing your ideas and suggestions and will let neighbors know the results here, as well as at future meetings.  These ideas will help guide our Land Use Committee and future Board decisions.

It's not too late to share your ideas.  The following 3 posts contain the questions that stimulated discussion at the charette.  Simply click on the word Comments below each item.

You may find it useful to have a map of the neighborhood open in a separate window on your screen while thinking about how you'd like the Gulch to be in 20 years.

Thanks to SGNA Board members Britt Brewer and Carol Gossett for organizing the charette.  And special thanks to Grace Church for the use of their Parish Hall last night.